K.O.T.S. TV – Peer Profile No. 004 – Jason Garcia, Project Return Peer Support Network – Oct. 2020

K.O.T.S. founder, Don West, Jr., sits down for a conversation about mental health recovery, the recovery model, and transformative possibilities of Peer Specialist on the mental health services landscape with Jason Garcia, a Los Angeles area native, master trainer, and peer support specialist.

For almost five years Jason has worked at Project Return Peer Support Network (“PRPSN” http://www.prpsn.org ) as a part of and overseeing LA’s oldest peer training program, the Professional Training & Placement Program (“PPTPP” http://prpsn.org/services/training-consultation/) which has been producing Certified Peer Specialists (“CPS”) for 17 years now and running.

Jason shares pieces of his journey from his start as a Peer Mentor as a part of the Amity Foundation (https://www.amityfdn.org/) to his experience in the Mental Health America’s Jump Start Fellowship Program (http://www.mhajumpstart.org/) and beyond.

Jason’s Final Words: “Troubles shared are halved. When we share our troubles with each other, we half them. Joys shared are doubled. Know that and do that. Act on it.”

Link to full video of Don’s Well-Being Toolbox segment, “6 Tips & Suggestions to Support a Balanced State of Mind”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW57stQJb7k

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