• Nov 18, 2020 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Latest Activity: Nov 19

"Language Choice Disclaimer:  Although the term, "Support" Group is used, this group does not affirm or promote CHEATING behaviors.  Rather, it offers support to the Cheating Partner in their journey to self-discovery of why they are making choices not aligned with their own articulated goals and desires."


Online Infidelity & Relationship Coaching Group For Men

Key Group Take Away:  The key is to help unfaithful partners with their guilt and the shame of their hurtful, selfish behavior and help them learn the tools to forgive themselves and commit to continued learning, growing and maturing within themselves both emotionally & spiritually so they can both see and be a higher/highest version of themselves and for their partners.


  • To transform or transcend or shift their behavior
  • Focuses on encouraging a consciously healthy, nourishing, and adult primary relationship

For the Betraying partner to reform their behavior through a developed understading of the causes of the behavior.  Exploring paradigms such as the "Cycle of Self-Sabbatoge" encourages the Betrayor to work within their own journey and experience and grapple with answers to questions often elusive and hard to answer like, why?  If we can not say why from a consciouly known and clearly articulated place, how can we begin to correctly align with any other choices or options.  The group facilitation focuses on encouraging a better relationship and understanding of the "why's" of our actions and challenges "transference" of regularly applied business and life principles to the relationship we say, it sht most important.  The goal is to shift behavior through gained understanding of how and why we do the things that hurt the one's we love.  For many, a clear understanding of the why, is the first step in taking control and reaching for a new outcome.

Group Summary/Synopsis:  Ending cycles of self-sabotage. Becoming a better partner. Ending the pain of betrayal and the guilt of deceit. This group is ideal for the betraying partner in a committed relationship, a Cis male only group(a person who was assigned male at birth and whose gender identity is male). The group is binary in sexual preference, and deals with men who have issues with infidelity as the betraying partner will find this group instructive and engaging toward a path to healing and recovery in their primary relationship. Additionally, others interested in deep, focused relationship coaching with an emphasis on infidelity will benefit from the tools, techniques, and discussions.

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Facilitated by Coaches Marilyn Jhung and Don West, Jr.


  • SCHEDULE:  Once each month
  • Next:  Wednesday, NOVEMBER 18th
  • TIME:    7PM - 9PM
  • COST:   $110 fee per person/group


3 Easy Steps to Join the Group:

Step 1:  Complete Tele-Health Survey and Consent:


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Step 2:  You will receive a text from IvyPay will instruction to submit payment.

Step 3:  Once your payment is received you will be sent email instructions on how to access the meeting.

If your serious about this particular line of internal work, this group is ready for you.

Reach out to Coach Marilyn or Coach Don if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to see you there!

Much peace and light, 

Marilyn Jhung, MSW, LCSW, CPD-TS, Coach
Marilyn Jhung Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Coaching
License #: LCSW81500; California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Phone:  (310) 780-2886

Email:    marilyn.jhung@mj627counseling.com

"Sometimes when things fall apart, they may actually be falling into place." (unknown)


Don West, Jr., JD, CPS, PDC, CLTP, Coach
Knock Out The Stigma, Inc. ~ The Well-Being EXchange ~ The Well-Being Toolbox

Dual-Certified Peer Specialist
"DBSA" Depression Bipolar Support Alliance &
'PRPSN" Project Return Peer Support Network

Phone:  (949) 463-6946
Email:    dlw@knockoutthestigma.org

"Sometimes when things fall apart, they may actually be falling into place." (unknown)

"Greatness lies not in trying to be somebody, but in trying to help somebody." (unknown)

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