riddick (1)

How did I get so lucky?  I just got off the phone and got to hear some wonderful stories and lessons from her journey right as I was making this post.  Wonderful day.

Meet our own one-person cyclone of change for more well-being and peer rights, codename: "Riddick."

Our elite #peersupportsuperheo from right here in LA.  She survived El Nino unsheltered in Los Angeles in the 90's.  She can't be stopped and she can't quit, she says so.  She is a force of Nature and a Los Angeles treasure, enjoy the edification and passion of:

Reba Stevens,
Peer Advocate Paratrooper Extraordinarre.


Yours in the journey,

Don West, Jr.

We Are In This Together | We Are Not Alone | We Are Each Other's Harvest

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