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Originally posted on YouTube | Special Giving Tuesday Edition - Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020

 "Don't YOU EVER quit."  We are not alone.  We are in this together.  We are each other's harvest.  We are a movement.  We are a force.  We are Peer Support Super Heros.  We are K.O.T.S.  We are HERE.

K.O.T.S. founder, Don West, Jr. delivers a new installment in our Well-Being Tool Box - Thought For The Day Series. In today's thought Don draws upon his experiences as an NFL Super Agent and distills lessons on life through the eyes of a Post-Modern Life Coach speaking and analogizing in "football terms." What does that mean exactly, well it means a lot of things. Don is a historian and a football fan. In his Life Coaching practice he uses the analogy of the football field being the equivalent of the physical earth. We are each an individual player on the field of life, or Earth. We, I, Me, You, we, we are the offense. We represent all 11 positions of the offense, inclusive of the position coaches and the Offensive Coordinator and we are, we are the Head Coach, and Owner who is fiscally rewarded and responsible for our actions. LIFE. Life lack stark, cold, and wicked muthafucka, that just will never back down and never give you a break, LIFE is the muthafuck'in DEFENSE. #TheU #RohanMarley #EdReed #EdgerrinJames #ClintonPortis

Don touches on how the Defense we face in the game of Life is full and packed to the hilt with all-time greats. Built to stop you. Built to hurt you. Built to pommel you. They like it. They enjoy it. They like it so much and enjoy it so much that they run miles, and miles in the hot sun, just to do it meaner and more wickeder that if they didn't endure and impose such a harsh torture on themselves. That is what life is all about. Knock you down. Knocking you down. That's what life does. That's what life is suppose to do. That is what LIFE is paid $$millions of dollars a year for. Paid to study you and an opponent, and to knock you down.

So, Don encourages everyone to watch the professionals of getting knocked down, the NFL running backs. The greatest of running backs in some ways were more graceful and artful about the ways that they took a hit, or minimized the impact of hits, and well as the way they went down. Watching a running backs tactics of self-preservation in a known outcome circumstance provides for some instructive insights and take a ways.

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