In Ep|11 Coach Don explores - TV's Mike Baxter, K.O.T.S.'s upcoming WBEX offering the "2021 Being In Balance Support Group," the art of the quarterback sack and professional football's #sackmasters (Link to Sack Masters, Inc. on Facebook -, the #NFL's Cedrick Hardman, author and speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and another NFL Legend, originator of the QB 'sack' and the 'headslap,' the one and only, Deacon Jones and the Deacon Jones Foundation.

Knock Out The Stigma, Inc. ("K.O.T.S.") is a 501c3 California not-for-profit public benefit Corporation committed to engaging educating and empowering individuals in their personal recovery journeys and increasing mental health awareness through our growing community of peer support specialists, therapists and other well-being practitioners and Recovery Coaches and Mentors. Always Remember You Are Not Alone.

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