Meet Morgyn Danae, LMT, CPT, PP-CES

Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, Thriver

PROGRAMS (for women of all ages) INCLUDE:
*Core Recovery
* Dance Conditioning for Core Strength
*Bellydance Therapy
*Awaken the Dancer *Dance for Trauma Recovery
*Wellness Recovery Lifestyle (mental health, spiritual, physical)
*Somatic Trauma Recovery

Somatic Dance Movement, Corrective Exercise, Functional Fitness, Breathwork & Guided Meditation Teacher, Bodywork-Therapeutic Massage

Somatic Issues we address: disconnection from body, core dysfunctions (low back & hip pain, pelvic alignment, even years later…diastasis recti, c-section recovery, weak core & pelvic floor, abdominal/pelvic post-surgical recovery, digestive issues, posture, negative body image, self-consciousness or lack of coordination in dance/movement, dissociation from body, depression/anxiety, low self-esteem.

Online & Local (S. Orange County, California)

All of my work and my own personal path is based on a spiritual foundation of self-love and teaching/embodying unconditional love which requires rigorous inner shadow work as well. It is a lifelong, moment by moment process that never ends.

Love is the medicine that makes all healing possible and it must come from the willingness of the client to heal themselves, regardless of the technique.
Without love, we have lost the purpose.

25+ years of training, study, and practice of spiritual healing

Healed my past history of…severe depression pattern, dissociation, psychosis, panic attacks, severe low back pain, excessive weight gain, severe menstrual cramps/PMS, survivor of childhood sexual trauma (now thriver)

Licensed Massage Therapist (2004) 
CAMTC #83223

Fitness Credentials:

CPT(NASM), P/P Corrective Exercise Specialist, Core & Diastasis Consultant (FFB)

My Dance Background includes: Bellydance, Latin dance (salsa, meregue, Mexican cumbia), Modern, Contact Improvisation, Choreography, Dance Fitness,
Ecstatic, Mystical Trance (personal spiritual practice), Original Fusion Style, Pop (Club), Disco

Training & Skilled in Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang (aka Integrated Internal Organ Massage-includes Self-Massage, Breathwork, Energy Work), Scar Tissue Massage (includes Self-Massage)

Certifications: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Prenatal, Postnatal, Muscle Swimming (Psoas/QL/Pelvic Alignment), Trauma Resolution Massage, Facelift Massage

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PROGRAMS (for women of all ages):

Core Recovery
Dance Conditioning for Core Strength
Bellydance Therapy
Awaken the Dancer *Dance for Trauma Recovery
Wellness Recovery Lifestyle
  (mental health, spiritual, physical)
Somatic Trauma Recovery